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09:42 am: Vigilance in dangerous situations is not helplessness.
OK, I kept reading the comments from this post as the percentage of stupid got higher and higher, and now I'm pissed off, but about halfway down the levels of stupid got too high and I finally stopped.

One of the commenters who was particularly stupid called himself John C. Welch:

As best I can tell, every comment here agreeing with Greg, and even Greg's post have what is to me, a very bizarre, and honestly disturbing theme:

*women are helpless*.

Welch went on to talk about some of the women he knew who had defended themselves either in hand-to-hand combat or with weapons and told the commenters:

Defending yourself is not some esoteric bullshit, it is something that every man, woman and child needs to understand and know. Not that bullshit women's self-defense with a series of carefully choreographed moves that will never be practiced and therefore leave one with a false sense of security, but rather something you think about and practice regularly.

If you feel you are too weak to defend yourself, there is an answer: Become stronger. Lift weights. Do the same things men do to become stronger. (NO, you will not instantly become some roided out freak if you get to where you can do 20 pushups without needing to be on your knees.)

It is nice and wonderful and good that there are men willing to go out of their way to help you out. But why, why, WHY are we assuming that is the only answer? Why are we, well, no, why are so many of YOU assuming women are so damned helpless?

1. Isn't one of the points of martial arts/self defense that it's better to avoid a bad situation than relying on combat skills to get you out of it?
2. You don't have to be "helpless" for avoiding attack to make sense. Even if you're a good enough fighter that you're BETTER at fighting than most of the men you run across, that's still only "most". (I don't think any woman can achieve this without, at minimum, making martial arts their primary hobby.) Only one person can be The Best Fighter In The World. And if you wait until a situation is unambiguously dangerous to do anything to avoid it--for example, wait until someone has grabbed you arm--you're already at a disadvantage.
3. Being vigilant of potentially dangerous situations, and either avoiding them or being alert and wary when you're in them, is exactly the opposite of being helpless. It's being proactive.

Also, anyone who reads the dog analogy in the linked post and thinks, "He's insulting men and calling them dogs!" is stupid.

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